Organic aromatic herbs

At one time all plants were of great importance to humans, however many today would not be able to list more than a dozen aromatic herbs.

The first writings on the use of officinal and aromatic plants in medicine and in magical and religious rites date back to the Babylonians in 3000 BC.

The parallel civilizations of China, Egypt, and India are also rich in documents on officinal plants. In the West (512 BC) Dioscorides wrote a basic treatise for modern herbal medicine that is valid until the 17th century.

Herbs in cooking recipes are in the books of culinary art of the ancient Romans; an example is the artichoke hearts cooked with fennel, coriander, mint, rue, lovage, and honey.

Today the desire for nutrition and alternative medicine has renewed interest in aromatic and officinal plants with which excellent dishes are prepared to rediscover the “flavors of the past

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